The NRI Institute since inception in 1989 has been felicitating the individuals and organizations who have done commendable work in their field. The NRI Institute Awards celebrate achievements of NRIs for their feat in the arena of their work structure. The NRI Institute Awards are something everyone would aspire to have accolade on his/her name.

The Award is conferred on the recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in their field.

NRI Awards are specifically planned keeping in mind the acclamation or recognition that an NRI receives for their performance.

The eminent personalities like Lord Swraj Paul, Lord Diljeet Rana, Lord Karan Bilimoria, Lord Rami Ranger, Lord Ahmad, Lord Bhatia, Lord Dholakia, Mr. Ylias Akbaraly, Ms. Cinzia Akbaraly, President of Mauritius, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Baroness Shreela Flather, Baroness Usha Prashar, Late Judge Mota Singh, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati Ji, Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati Ji, British High Commissioners to India, Sir David Gore-Booth, Sir Michael Arthur, Sir Richard Stagg, Sir James Bevan, Canadian H.E Nadir Patel, H.E Kamalesh Sharma-Secretary General of the Commonwealth Group of Nations, Mr. G.P. Hinduja-Co Chairman of Hinduja Group, Mr. Vinod Dham, Inventor of Pentium, Mr. Vijay Amritraj, Dr. Ram Buxani, Mr. Hira Nandani, Dubai, Mr. B R Shetty, Dubai, Mr. Sudhir Ruparelia, Mr. Harry Bains, Canadian Politician Maharaja Arvind Singh of Mewar and several Lords, Spiritual Gurus and Business Entrepreneurs around the globe have been felicitated with the prestigious The NRI Institute Awards.




Prominent personalities from around the world that have been honored since 1989 with the prestigious NRI INSTITUTE Award.


It is a prestigious Award which like the name holds dignity. It is conferred on a group of select Persons of Indian Origin living in India and abroad for their outstanding achievements in the chosen field of activities. The Award is special as it is conferred only on eminent figures who have been continuously making efforts for the social and economic development of India and the country of their adoption. Every year this Award is conferred on only 20 leading personalities across globe.

Mahatma Gandhi Medal Of Honour

Mahatma Gandhi Medal of Honour is conferred on people for their pre-eminence and elbow greasing works undertaken by them for raising the spirits of society. As the Award mentions, The Mahatma Gandhi Medal of Honour follows the legacy of Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi who had fought for the Indians in making India independent.

Indians of The World awards

Indians of the World Awards are bestowed upon Indians who have done immense work to make India proud and to recognize themselves as Indians. The prestigious awards brings to fore the proud achievements of Indians bringing them to the global platform. The Institute has been honouring and celebrating the achievements of Indian Diaspora from last 32 years.


The Award is conferred on luminaries who excel in their field and bring laurel to themselves, the country of their origin and the country of their settlement. As the Award mentions the luminaries stand differently in the crowd through their dedication in achieving highest levels of excellence in their offerings.

The award ceremony will be covered widely covered by the print, electronic and social media.

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