Manu Jagmohaan Singh

A young entrepreneur who is here to make a mark and create a new arena for his fellow NRI Institute members and PIO’s, is the Secretary General; set to embark on his new and enthusiastic voyage with the NRI Institute. The NRI Institute is a not for profit (NGO), organization founded in the Year 1989 which aims to provide a platform for the Indians living in India and abroad to connect and enhance their business, taking it to new heights.

Mr. Singh is well aware of the huge responsibilities of the eminent organization founded by his illustrious father, Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh. The NRI Institute promotes business opportunities in India for Non-Resident Indians and paves the way, with an effective approach to the Government and other authorities. The institute highlights the achievements of NRIs and PIOs in their chosen field of activities.

Within a span of few years Mr. Manu Jagmohaan Singh has carved a niche for himself and the organization climbing the ladder firmly and steadily, reaching zenith. Among his fellow-men he is known for his versatility and humbleness. He has been working strenuously to make The NRI Institute, an organization which binds together the Indians and Non-Resident Indians, helping them solve issues which are difficult to handle, be it social or business.

Mr. Singh is the Secretary General of Global Punjabi Society; a forum which celebrates the achievements of Indians in general and Punjabis in particular, living in India and abroad to honor them for the pride they have brought to their Motherland, as progress of Punjab is consistent with the progress and development of India. He is also the Secretary General of Shiromani Institute and JMS Foundation. Mr. Singh is the Director, The NRI Business Forum; a platform to provide all help to Non-Resident Indians, be it formation of joint ventures, collaboration or any legal aid sorted by them. Mr. Singh has contributed concretely in connecting Indian and NRIs to promote their business in India and abroad.

Under dynamic and youthful guidance of Mr. Manu Jagmohaan Singh, NRI Institute is bound to cover many a mile towards bringing the NRIs closer to their Motherland.

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