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Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT
Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh, born in the year 1949 on the 8th of December started his own course as Secretary General and founded in the year 1975 Shiromani Institute. His roving eyes spotted the unsung talented heroes from different walks of life year after year and honored them suitably with coveted Awards.

With his soulful nature he won the heart of millions from across the globe. Credited for helping the revival of Punjabi talent and culture worldwide, he was responsible for single handedly changing and beautifully presenting the lives of Non-Resident Indians all over the world.

He was part of the lineage of pioneers that paved new paths.

The NRI INSTITUTE was founded by Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh Ji in 1989, connecting Indian Diaspora where many long stranded problems were brought to the table of discussion, be it issues revolving around dual citizenship or problems pertaining to investment strategies.

He organised many NRI Global Summits in different countries and states. Silicon Valley California, Doha, State of Qatar, United Kingdom, United States of America are some of the few to mention.